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EShib is a project led by a group of inspired young people, experienced in digital assets.


We have a highly skilled team of developers, managers, designers, contributors and partners.


World conservation, rejuvenation and improvement is a key objetive for our organisation.


Welcome to EShib
A token to change the world

We want to change the use and purpose of the token, keeping in mind the current needs present in the real world.
Therefore we have decided to focus our project towards environmental protection and humanitarian aid.
Donations will be made taking into account our Holder´s preference, so they can decide which organisation the funds will go towards.


Investors can acquire tokens as stated below:


2% of each transaction will be shared out proportionally among our Holders

2% of each transaction will be automatically allocated into your liquidity wallet

2% of each transaction will go towards Marketing and Donations

BUY eshib

We show you how you can buy EShib easily and quickly.

Please, follow next steps:
1º Trust Wallet install and config.
2º Buy Smart Chain.
3º Buy EShib.

Trust WalletSmart ChainBuy EShib

Beware. Remember to use the «BEP20» network to make the transfer, otherwise you will lose your assets.

Follow our update Roadmap

All projects need a roadmap to progress correctly, this is why it is available to you at all times, you can see how EShib project continually progresses, step by step.


Enjoy yourself while you help to reduce carbon emissions

If you want to break out of routine, have fun, and help to reduce carbon emissions to the environment, just enter and play

Play EShibverse

Burning Process

A burn is the process in which a number of tokens o cryptocurrencies are removed from circulation, sending them to a special wallet from which nobody has the private key to be able to operate with it

EShib Burn



You ask, we answer

You can contact the EShib team through social network or leave a question/suggestion in the form.

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